Rocky Coast Pickleball

Rocky Coast Pickleball

Roland Gagne, Editor

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Welcome to Rocky Coast Pickleball!!  This blog will be dedicated to the news and happenings around the State of Maine in the many venues that are located in the state.  Out of state information can be obtained from the UASPA, the Atlantic Pickleball, and the New England pickleball pages. It will highlight the different venues, tournaments, functions, and players from Kittery to Fort Kent and from Bethel to Lubec.  If the information pertains to the State of Maine like the Atlantic Regional Tournament it will be posted to the Rocky Coast Pickleball site also.It will try to keep you up to date on all of the happenings in the pickleball world. This is going to be fun. 

This blog will change constantly as demanded by it’s readers and what it looks like today will change with the growth of it’s editor and his abilities to navigate and keep up with  WordPress and other word editing features that will make themselves available as time passes.  This is my first attempt to keep people interested enough to come back to this blog for there pickleball information and with the help of you the readers.  Although I did edit a volleyball website 20-25 years ago.

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